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Bibliosoft – Library Management Software


Library is the place which we called the hub of knowledge. It is the only place where we can find out the books to get the complete knowledge about our related or favorite topic. The librarians should arrange something so that the visitors didn’t face any kind of problem while searching books.

After facing such kind of problem in managing the library, the library management software has been generated which helps the library to remain updated. This software is designed for all kind of libraries like school library, college library, co-operate library and many others.

Library management software comes with many features that helps you in managing library:

Strong label printing: Under label printing two kind of printing are there one is Catalog Printing and another is Bar Code printing

  • Catalog Printing: You may print catalog by single click according to your choice. You can take print by master catalog, title wise or also subject wise even on A4 size sheet through your laser printer.
  • Bar code: Bar code printing feature for books and members make routine work easy, fast and accurate Print thousands barcode stickers within single click by thermal or your laser/inkjet printer with option of bulk and randomly.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue): This feature can be used by students to search books with various options according to accession number, by author, subject, language, title etc. or by status with proper almirah and even rack number also.

Books Circulation Tracking:

  • Issue/Return of Books (single and bulk) Journals (with powerful reporting)
  • Re-Issue an Issued Book
  • Book-reservation facility (Optional)
  • Stock taking entry (with option locking system)
  • User works report (entered/issue/return/write off/ books)
  • Writing off of books (with full details)
  • Member history (keeps all records of students and teachers issue/return)

Photo capture facility:

  • Direct capture the students/members photo through web cam no need to scan photo separately.
  • Book’s title page and end page can be added after scanning for the quick identification of the book at any step.

Rapid and Powerful Searches:

  • Search whole, beginning or partial fields or all fields at once.
  • Searches may optionally be lexical (ignore letter case and accents) and ignore leading articles.
  • Literature Reference fields and Date fields may be searched for a range of references or dates.
  • Search on any combination of fields using “and”, “or” and “not” logical operators.
  • Searches are automatically optimized to make use of indexes where possible.
  • Find any record in a fraction of a second, even in a database with hundreds of thousands of records.
  • Search results can be sorted either alphabetically on title or author, or sorted on release date or purchase date.
  • Quick Search feature to find all the books that contain the criteria you specified, or use the Advanced Filter command to search in specific fields, even multiple fields at once.

Network Compatible:

  • Maintain multiple-user databases with automatic record locking to insure database integrity.
  • Multiple users can edit and search a database at the same time. When a record is saved, all users immediately see the changes.
  • Each user can have personal default settings.
  • Compatible with most local- and wide-area networks, including Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and most other peer-to-peer and server-based networks.

Import and Export:

User can import books and students from any excel sheet to software and also can export any report from software to excel.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore utility has been provided to avoid any kind of data loss. If unfortunately you have deleted some data then no need to worry you can easily restore data using this utility.

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