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Top Useful Features of School Management Software

Strong Fee Management

Are you thinking about to update the way of work of your school administration? They update your school administration work with school management software and you can provide quickly access to the parents about their child’s record.

As we all know managing the activities of school administration is a tedious task. Every school has there hundreds of staff and to manage their daily activity report is not an easy job. So save your time and money with school management software.

The main functions of school software are to control activities of the school administration. It makes the data collection, storage and retrieval easier and faster. There are options to store student information in a simple format. It is more convenient than the traditional file system. If the information about a student is needed the only thing we need to do is search the details using the student name or the admission number.

The main feature that school management software should have are as follows:

  • Strong Fee management:
  • Complete reporting of pending fees with single click.
  • Create reminder for pending fees.
  • Fully compatible with SMS pack
  • Generate advance Fee Bills.
  • Can impose any new fees during mid of session.
  • Easily refund fees.
  • Easily impose new fees to single student, class or whole school.
  • Transportation Management:
  • Easily manage routes, stops.
  • Create reminder for vehicle documents expiries (Road tax permises, insurance, etc.).
  • Route wise attendance for students.
  • Keep track of expenses of vehicles.
  • Check vehicle wise profit and loss statement.
  • Keep record of driver.
  • Admission and Pre – Admission:
  • Prospectus sales.
  • Unique ID for all students.
  • Comprehensive admission form.
  • Keep complete details of parents and guardians.
  • Emergency contact facility available.
  • Previous education details can be recorded.
  • Customizable as per school standards.
  • Photo upload facility.
  • Library Management:
  • Keep record of issue and return of books.
  • Apply fine for late return.
  • Keep track of write off books, magazines, etc.
  • Subscription and receipt of newspaper, periodicals and etc.
  • Fully compatible with bar code systems.
  • Generate bar code for books, students and teachers.
  • OPAC feature for students (Online public access catalog).
  • Academic with Result Cards
  • Can be customized according to any state educational board.
  • Graphical representation of student’s performance.
  • Parents can check student performance online.
  • Send SMS of student performance.
  • Send SMS for homework.
  • Inventory (Tuckshop)
  • Easily manage available stock like computer hardware, stationary and etc.
  • Make kits of uniform and books of different classes for sale.
  • Fully compatible with bar code systems.
  • Stock taking entry.
  • Advance billing can be done for students for upcoming month.
  • Complete accounts management.
  • Complete report of stocks, accounts, material issue, purchases.
  • Custom Imports:
  • Import student data.
  • Import date wise attendance records from biometric machine.
  • Import library book details.
  • Import Inventory details like items, suppliers etc.

I have one option for you all i.e. Bell (School ERP software) that can fulfil your all requirements and having all features which I have discussed above. Now, you can enjoy 30 days trial version of free school management software.

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