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Best Department of the Year 2014-15 goes to Web Department

Macwill Web Department

It been a so long since I’ve written any blog, fortunately come to write up this first blog for efforts of us who makes the department proud to have the award of “Best department of the Year 2014-15” at Macwill Annual Awards 2015.

This is for my department – WEB Department (Mayank Mittal, Tejpal Verma, Himanshu Kumar)

Congratulations Team!!!

Yeah! We got this award.

Make thanks of the God, your parents and their blessings and yes your dedication, collaboration and efforts all the way made this happen.

Now we have to work even more harder than ever and make our next projected goals to accomplish within this coming year. As you all know our goals for coming annual year and we must have to achieve them all thus i’ll expect extra efforts, new ideas and skills from you all. Keep on doing the best to sustain at Best.

I also want to thanks from behalf of my department to our respected authorities for honoring and appreciating my department and making the Best department among all. These awards really means allot and motivate us and hopefully we will achieve it again with your support.

Thanks once again.

- HOD (Web)

Anupal Sharma is the Head of Department of Web development and designing department for leading team with various projects and ideas. His Expertise is in delivering complex and large scale projects, consumer and enterprise grade business solutions using next gen web frameworks.

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  • Mayank Mittal

    I really feel proud to be part of the Web department and got the best
    department of the year award. I really hope we will get this award again
    in next year. Congrats to all my dear colleges.