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Most Advance Tips on LinkedIn for Recruitment


Most of recruiters have been hired someone through Social Media especially from LinkedIn.

This year LinkedIn has hired as many as hires on monster.com, it’s very much clear that social network is the new head for the quality candidates.

Here one question arises that are you using it to its fullest potential?

In LinkedIn you can use its functionalities in both free and paid profile. Yes, there are lots of functionality even in the free profile, that I this think so you would not be aware of. Here let’s discuss about the top three tips of using LinkedIn for recruitment:

Use your network

Go for deep searches: Go for the advance search that you can get exact what you want. Through advance search you have to go through by location, school, industry and work history. Not only can you search keywords that appear in your connections’ profiles (like “programmer”). More filters are available if you upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account.

Advance Search

Tag your contacts: Most of the users are not using this feature, but right below each of your connections on the related page is a little link to “tag”. After tagging you can easily categorize your connections in any way you want.

Use group messages: Save time messaging the prospects you do find by sending group messages to multiple people at the same time. Note: try to adapt this as much as possible.

Group Messages

Powerful groups and posts

LinkedIn’s groups are a lot more powerful than people give them credit for.

The big thing with groups is, if you’re a member of one, you can message other members even if you’re not otherwise connected to them.

This makes it much easier for recruiters to find and reach out to great passive prospects. Use the “Members” page of a group you’re part of to search through everyone in that group. You can narrow down the results with keywords that appear on candidates’ profiles.

LinkedIn also allows you to search through other peoples’ public posts.

This is a goldmine for finding people currently looking for jobs in specific industries. A simple search for “looking for a programming job” for instance, can pull up hundreds of results which can all be filtered by location, title, etc.

Use LinkedIn’s paid options

This isn’t the wilds leagues; these are advanced tips, and professionals know the really good stuff comes with a price.

Thing is, LinkedIn is good at what it does, and it charges for its best stuff. If you want to get the most out of the social network, you’ll need to pay. But on the bright side it’s still likely to cost less than going with an outside search firm or head hunter.

Paid Account

LinkedIn Talent Services uses the network’s vast amount of data to market your job board posts better, find passive candidates, and measure the success your talent brand efforts. You can even show your employment ads to people who are looking at your employees’ profiles.

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