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Reduce Your Workload with College Management Software

College Management Software

To manage your college administration work is not an easy job. If you keep the whole record manually you will face some problems like miss entries or wrong entries. For the accuracy you need more workforce which is money and time consuming.

In the modern world there are software for almost every business. Today I am discussing about the best college management software, which is best and the easiest way to manage the work of college administration.

The best college software is that which can easily manage the following tasks which is necessary to run college.

  1. User management: Under this feature you can manage the user according to your need that what kind of access you want to provide to particular person. You can also add or remove the user.
  2. Admission: This feature helps you to manage the complete record of the admission process. You can keep the record of prospectus, forms, registration done in colleges and you can also manage the record of re – admission.
  3. Fee collection: This is the most important feature that should be must is college software. With this software you collect the fee systematically. You can set reminder for fee collection. You can also come to know about the pending and advance fee.
  4. Transportation: You can manage the record of the transportation which is used by college and also keep record about the transportation which is used from third party. Now it’s easy to keep record about the vehicle documentation.
  5. Stock keeping: You can keep the complete record of stock which is purchased for college. Inventory full-fledged accounts up to balance sheet, customization fee plan for students, concession for particular period or for complete course software generates more than hundred reports, and software produces almost every report which you can imagine.
  6. ID/RFID – cards: By using this feature you can issue id as well as RFID cards which are fully compatible with bio metric machine provided by the company only.
  7. Financial accounts: In financial accounting you can manage every account work. It can keep record of every fee received, transportation charges received late fees, extra charges, any sales, purchases, etc.
  8. Bulk message: With bulk SMS services you can easily get from us or from any third party. With this you can send SMS in bulk to students about any recent activities, holiday, attendance, fee receiving.
  9. Library management: This is a library automation system. It keeps every record relating to books, magazines, newspapers, etc. It also keeps the record of any book issues and returns, late fine and generates all reports that a computerized library needs.
  10. Online attendance: Maintaining attendance online is so easy with college management software. Teacher login and can posts attendance online from anywhere and same way students can check their attendance by logging with login information provided. Student can also check percentage attendance and overall attendance online.
  11. Online assessment: Teacher can post assignments topics online and students can check what topics has been given for assignments.
  12. Online group discussion: Students can be invited online to discuss on topic in groups. Teacher will post the topic to be discussed and students can comment on the same.

I know about the one college administration software which can fulfill all the requirement which was discussed above. That college management software is “Hammer” this software is designed and developed by Macwill Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. Especially for colleges. For more information about the Hammer Software have a look on the demo video at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbIyuflKR2GBr09bgXltHICnrlErqR7-j

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