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Brickkiln Plus – Brick Software

Brick Kiln Management Software

Technology has takeover the old methods of working, now there is no need to write off the book to maintain data. But now it’s become more easy and secure to maintain data through technology.

Here I am going to discuss about the software for Brick Kilns owners.

Now that days are gone where brick kilns owners need muneems (accountant) to maintain record of raw and finished bricks and tiles.

Following is the list of very basic features of Brick Kiln Plus:

Comprehensive Reports

  • Complete PERCHA
  • Approximate Coal Balance
  • Average Sale Rate of the Bricks and Tiles within a specified period.
  • Bharai Register: Detail of Daily Bharai
  • Carrier (KACHI DHUHAI WALA) Wise Average DHUHAI
  • CHAKKE Wise Stock Ledger
  • CHAKKE Wise Stock Summary
  • Day Book
  • Date Wise DHUHAI Register: Detail of by which Carrier of which PATHER.
  • Date Wise Reporting of PATHAI: PATHER wise PATHAI detail.
  • Group Summary: List of Debtors, Creditors etc.
  • Ledger
  • Complete record of landlord (Like khudai)
  • Daily Breakup of selected or all ledgers
  • Monthly Breakup of selected or all ledgers
  • Cash Returns Register: Lists the excess cash returned to the parties.
  • List of Debtors and Creditors
  • Extra Charges Register: Lists the parties that are extra charged
  • Location Wise Raw Stock Ledger
  • Location Wise Raw Stock Summary
  • NIKASI Register – CHAKKE Wise
  • NIKASI Register – Summarized
  • PATHER Wise Average PATHAI
  • Profit and Loss Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Register of KACHI DHUHAI
  • Register of PATHERS
  • Sale Agent Wise Detail
  • Sale Book
  • Sale Register – All in One
  • Sale Summary Grouped by Month
  • Sale Agent Wise Summary
  • Show Nil Accounts
  • Stock Summary between NIKASI Step 1 and Step 2
  • Stock Ledger – KACHA
  • Stock Ledger – PAKKA
  • Stock Summary – KACHA
  • Stock Summary – PAKKA
  • Trial Balance
  • Vehicle Wise Sale
  • Vehicle Wise Profit and Loss Statement
  • Vehicle wise consumption of diesel and maintenance
  • Approximate Coal Stock (Based on Average Consumption)
  • Stock of every item (e.g. Diesel etc.) The user wants to record.

Simple to Learn and Use:

  • Most of the options are available with shortcut menus.
  • Word-processor-like editor simplifies data entry. Features include extensive cursor movement and delete commands, word-wrap, scrolling, search and replace.
  • Pop-up lists of a field in all records simplify entering data, browsing or searching.
  • A “Brief View” of the database shows a screen full of records at one time to simplify database browsing. Select any combination of fields to display.

Rapid and Powerful Searches:

  • Search whole, beginning or partial fields or all fields at once.
  • Searches may optionally be lexical (ignore letter case and accents) and ignore leading articles.
  • Search on any combination of fields using “and”, “or” and “not” logical operators.
  • Searches are automatically optimized to make use of indexes where possible.
  • Find any record in a fraction of a second, even in a database with hundreds of thousands of records.
  • Search results can be sorted either alphabetically on title or author, or sorted on release date or purchase date.
  • Quick Search feature to find all the records that contain the criteria you specified, or use the Advanced Filter command to search in specific fields, even multiple fields at once.

Network Compatible:

  • Maintain multiple-user databases with automatic record locking to insure database integrity.
  • Multiple users can edit and search a database at the same time. When a record is saved, all users immediately see the changes.
  • Each user can have personal default settings.
  • Compatible with most local- and wide-area networks, including Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and most other peer-to-peer and server-based networks.

Reliable Data Security:

  • Optional passwords restrict access to databases and only allow desired users to search databases or edit data.
  • Various Utilities
  • Backup of data
  • Restoration of data
  • Calculator

There is one best software for Brick Kiln owners i.e. Brickkiln Plus. This software covers all the major expects that is necessary to manage the Brick kiln. Now, you can get 30 days free trial of brick kiln management software. For more information about this software you can make a call at +91 81466-52452 or visit at http://brickkilnplus.macwill.in/

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